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Sale & Purchase

By William Packard, FICS
ISBN 0-9548218-2-3
Pages: 272

The merchant ship sale and purchase world invariably holds a fascination for shipping outsiders, as well as for those employed elsewhere in the marine industries.


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Every ship has a beginning and an end to her career, from launch and delivery as a new building, sale as an operational second-hand vessel, and eventual disposal for demolition at the end of her working life.
Each stage is accompanied by procedures, documents and forms, all of which are examined and analysed and frequently illustrated in these pages, together with practical clause-by-clause analysis of standard sale and purchase contracts, checklists for closings and a comprehensive index.

Readers are taken each step of the way through the complexities of ownership and merchant vessels, flag-registration, classification, ship-finance, the purchase of new buildings, the sale of second-hand tonnage, demolition/recycling and environmental issues, as well as being introduced to the embryo S&P paper futures market.
A wealth of information available at the fingertips of potential buyers and sellers, shipping bankers, lawyers and shipbrokers.